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I have put together a series of exercise videos - of varying levels. These have been collated primarily for my Strength for life people who have had an assessment and program before they start, so they know the exercises that they should be doing. If you do start some of the exercises, make sure that you don't try and do any that are too difficult for you, or if you have an injury might make it worse. I have tried to give as much explanation about the exercises as possible, but you do undertake them at your own risk. - Jeanette Richards

*Please note the videos do not play or download on an ipad or iphone, it must be a computer.

To download the videos, click the button below that says "Click here to access videos". It will open a screen that looks similar to this:

Screen 1.png

Then click the little square box next to the video you would like to download. Below, I have selected the video called "Core.mp4". Now click the button that says "Download selected" and it will download through your browser. This should be accessible in your downloads folder in "This PC or My Computer".

Screen 2.png
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