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Q: Do I have to become a member?

A: Yes, it is part of our constitution that all walkers become members, and gives all the right to vote for the committee and for any decisions that may arise. There is a once only Joining Fee of $10.00 and this includes one complimentary walk.

Q: What happens if I am not as fast as the other walkers?

A: Everyone is encouraged to walk at their own pace. With over 90 walkers each session, it would be impossible to all walk together.

Q: Who would help me if I was having a problem?

A: There are 3 qualified instructors with first aid training monitoring each session, one upstairs and one downstairs. We also have several “support crew” who have CPR training and all walkers tend to look out for each other as well.

Q: Why is there a $3 walking fee?

A: Tea Tree Plaza Walking Group has to have $10 Million Public Liability insurance; all instructors are paid a wage; it covers all printing of handout materials; money is given to several charities each year. If there is surplus money, it is given back to the members through subsidies or vouchers.

Q: Do I have to complete a health questionnaire?

A: Yes, for occupational health and safety and to comply with our risk management plan, you must advise us of any health issues and any subsequent medication taken for these problems. Please click the purple button below to download the application form.

Q: Is there a uniform and if so is it compulsory?

A: We have a TTPlaza Walking Group T shirt, but it is your choice whether to purchase one.

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